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Cattle Feed Products

Our nation is the world's biggest maker and purchaser of dairy products with quickly developing interest. Offered Cattle Feed Products are made with a profound comprehension of Indian nourishing practices, the milk generation levels of dairy animals and bison as well as the breed. These items include proteins, energy, vitamins and minerals in sufficient amount and extent to meet the healthful prerequisites of dairy cows. We provide Cattle Feed Products to improve milk generation, regenerative capacity and the general strength of cows. In addition, we work intimately with agriculturists and offer nearby help to enable them to accomplish higher yields.

Key Features:
  • Increment the profitability of animals by offering adjusted sustenance
  • With important proteins, sugars, fat, fiber and so forth.
  • Contents in demanded ratio as recommended by animal nutritionists
  • Enhancement in fat substance of milk
Cattle Feed Pellet
Cattle Feed Pellet
Product Description Brand Amul Packaging Type PP Bags Weight (kg) 50 Moisture % (Max.) 11.0 Crude Protein (CP) % (Min.) 20.0
Price Range : 730.00 - 1600.00 INR
Dairy Cattle Feed
Dairy Cattle Feed
Variety : Nutrition feeds
Physical Form : Granule
Suitable For : Cattle

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